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Datatag Trailer ID Security System

Our Ref: DT590000

Brand: Datatag

MPN: 590000

Price: £68.99 incl.vat £57.49 excl.vat


Product Information:

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Thieves know that it is relatively easy to change the identity of a trailer, and there are many organised gangs who are able to steal the vehicle from your driveway in minutes! Thieves frequently target trailers because they are quick and easy to steal and not easily identified. Sometimes the trailer is only taken for its load, e.g. yacht or personal watercraft.

The state of the art Datatag Trailer system consists of tiny electronic transponders or tags, as well as our Datadot® microdot security system including Datatag DNA a true forensic chemical DNA and a pair of tamper evident visible ID plates to deter the thief.

Datatag is designed to covertly and overtly mark your trailer for life. Once thieves see the Datatag warning decals on your trailer they usually go looking for an easier target as they realise that being caught red-handed with Datatagged property means they will be prosecuted.

There are no annual fees when fitting Datatag and when you come to sell your trailer you’ll find that the Datatag registration can be transferred to the new owner.

Electronic Security Identification System for Trailers, kit includes:-
2 x Trailer ID Plates
2 x Button Tag Transponders
1 x Epoxy Resin
1 x Glass Transponder
1 x Datadots (DNA solution)
1 x Instructions & Registration Form

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Do the Datatag transponders ever wear out or need servicing?

No, the transponders contain no batteries or other service parts and will last for many decades.

Who has scanners to read the Datatag transponders?

Datatag supply scanners free of charge to Police Forces and other official bodies on demand. Over 3000 scanners have now been issued and we continue to supply these.

What happens to the data you hold on the database about my property?

The data held on Datatag’s secure database is for Police and Official use only.

Can I add additional transponders to my property?

Yes, replacement parts are available to purchase directly from Datatag.

What happens if I sell my trailer?

The Datatag membership is transferable, and for a small re-registration fee, the new keeper can have their name and address added to the secure Datatag database.

What happens if my trailer is stolen?

Please advise the Police immediately, then contact Datatag quoting your membership number and the crime report number the Police have given you, and we will flag a warning against your vehicle on our database.

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Have a question about our Datatag Trailer ID Security System? Our sales team are here to help Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm. Why not call us on 01392 216336

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