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Why Use Kartt Orange Premium Jockey Wheels

Why Use Kartt Orange Premium Jockey Wheels

The Kartt Orange range was developed for customers where quality and durability matters. The many different types of jockey wheels in the Kartt Orange Premium product range are robust, easy to operate and have many unique features. Whatever the type of trailer that requires a jockey wheel, Kartt Orange has one that has been designed to move and hitch your valuable payload with ease.

1 High visibility orange wheels - One major reason for damaged jockey wheels is them not being wound up once hitched to the towing vehicle. On tests Kartt found that a forgotten lowered orange wheel could be easier to see from a distance, when the driver makes their final visible check before driving off.
2 Load tested to twice working capacity - Kartt jockey wheels are tested to twice recommended working capacity to make sure that there is a big safety factor.
3 Full roller bearings - A higher quality roller bearing is used in the winding mechanism, thus giving a smoother and trouble free performance.
4 High quality tube - Kartt uses a high quality bright steel tube for the core and outside body of its jockey wheels. This is also thicker than many other jockey wheels that are available.
5 Quality of electro plating - Kartt uses a greater thickness of plating to a higher standard of specification.
6 Heavy duty wheel holder - Nearly all of the Kartt Orange wheel holders are very heavy duty and are made from 6mm steel, formed in specially designed tooling to give the maximum amount of structural strength.
7 Ergonomically designed knob - Specially designed to give simple and firm grip even with wet hands or a greasy glove
8 Forged steel handle - Much stronger than other steel handles
9 Powder coated rim - This colour is baked onto the metal rim using a quality powder paint that gives a far higher resistance to the day-to-day elements such as mud, road salt and sea water
10 Quality Welding - All welding is completed to a strict quality control system
11 High resistance bearings - Kartt Orange uses special nylon bearings that give the maximum amount of resistance for heavy loads and wear. They also form a permanent gap between the wheel and the holder so that there is no metal to metal rubbing
12 Heavy duty steel rim - Nearly all the Kartt Orange jockey wheels have a 2mm steel rim, nearly twice the thickness of other cheaper jockey wheels available.
13 Higher quality rubber tyre - The rubber used in the Kartt Orange range has a higher content of pure rubber and is constantly load and temperature tested.

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