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Trelgo Trailer Accessories

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We no longer supply Trelgo accessories, you may be able to obtain spares & accessories by finding a local Franc stockist. We have left this page for information to show what may be still available.
Trelgo trailer accessories
Trelgo spare wheel Spare wheel
Spare wheel carrier
Trelgo side rails Side Rails
trelgo ladder rack Ladder Rack
Trelgo flat cover Flat cover
High trailer cover with frame 30 cm
Trelgo ABS hardtop lockable lid ABS hard top lockable Lid
Trelgo high side kit High Sides (Galvanised)
Trelgo Wooden Side panels High Sides (Wood)
Trelgo coupling lock Security coupling lock
Trelgo jockey wheel Telescopic jockey wheel
Trelgo roof bars Multi-purpose Carrier