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Al-ko Axles

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with independent suspension

The Al-ko hexagonal rubber suspension system has been developed to provide improved driving comfort
and driving safety for the car/trailer.

The advanced soft ride allows for the safe transportation of fragile goods as well as being extremely robust
for use on trailers such as car transporters and builders trailers.

Alko Axle with cut away

Al-ko independent suspensions means that each road wheel has its own suspension, thus uneven
road surfaces only affect the side where it occurs.

Cross Section of Al-ko Axle Tube

Al-ko achieve the greatest spring deflections in comparison
with all rubber suspension axles. The rubbers are not squeezed
in the deflection but rather given room to work.The special Al-ko
hexagonal rubber suspension also allows for a softer ride than
other suspension systems.

A further advantage of the Al-ko system is the level of
self-dampening which exceeds the all other rubber suspension axles.

The suspension is maintenance free and thus saves on maintenance and service costs.

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